The Present Time

Some days it seems as you’ll never acheive the “you” that you want to be. “Someday I’ll do this…somedays I’ll do that…” – we’ve all said it – and meant it! But how do you turn “someday” into today? It takes a lot of dreams compounded together to make you finally say that today is the day.

Jeff & Nicola D., of Bothell, WA, were in the same boat – and finally found shore.

Jeff and Nicola were tired of building large business for others and it wasn’t something that they wanted to continue doing with their lives. Jeff realized that the present was as good of a time as ever and decided to start researching franchise opportunities. While working with a FranChoice consultant, Jeff found a painting franchise that is just what he was looking for. This painting business will allow him to build something large to create something positive for his family as well as his own retirement. His experience in operations management as well as his desire to make a contribution to the people he works with, is sure to make him a big success.

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