Hold On To A Good Thing

Being your own boss is a lifestyle that many enjoy, while others dream of it. Those who have taken the leap of faith and made business ownership a part of their life have plenty of added benefits that others who work for “The Man” don’t receive. It’s a good thing that they all want to hold on to. Being in charge of your own schedule, calling the shots, beefing up your own bank account instead of others, etc. are all things that motivate one to grab a hold of entrepreneurship and never let go.

Vincent L., of Syracuse, NY, can attest to the joys of being his own boss.

Vincent and his daughter already owned their own medical device manufacturing business. But they wanted more. So while searching for the right business to expand into, they worked with a FranChoice consultant in order to perform a complete investigation and make sure their plan stayed on track. After exploring one company for some time that didn’t quite fit the bill, the consultant helped them see the wonders of another franchise in that industry – a senior care franchise. This senior franchise business will easily utilize Vincent’s vast and strong business experience along with Amy’s passion for helping others while they make an impact on their local community with this top-of-the-line franchise business.

If you’ve decided that it’s time for you to grab on to the benefits of business ownership, contact FranChoice to help you land in the right franchise, in the right industry for your goals.

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