Seize the Day!

It’s a story we’ve all heard time after time in the last 2 years – massive layoffs, companies downsizing and unemployment rates rising. Although it’s nothing anyone would wish for and certainly not an ideal situation…it may just be the window of opportunity that closet entrepreneurs need. Many of the unemployed are scared to enter back into the workforce – whose to say they won’t get laid off again? With the unstable market and fear driving people to decisions on a daily basis – many corporate refugees have decided to seize the opportunity to finally do what they always wanted to do – own their own franchise business.

Victor O., from Atlanta, GA is a perfect example.

Victor knew it was time to make changes in both his profession and lifestyle after being downsized from his corporate America position. As a recent widower and father of three young children, he recognized the need to grab hold of the opportunity to become his own boss sooner rather than later. While working with a FranChoice consultant, Victor researched six franchise opportunities before landing on the perfect one for him on all levels – a dry cleaning franchise. This service franchise offers Victor a simple business model alongside a reasonable investment while allowing him the flexibility and lifestyle that he desires. He is thrilled to finally be the man in charge while being able to enjoy his family.

If today is your day – let FranChoice help you find the perfect franchise opportunity for your lifestyle.

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