The American Franchise Dream

The American Dream. We all know of it – and we all strive for it – but who of us has actually accomplished their version of it? It’s something that keeps every American moving forward, doing something and putting effort into life. It’s the drive that keeps us going.

Franco G., of Boise, ID, knows exactly what his American Dream is. While somewhat literal, it was something that changed his life in many ways.

Franco was born in Italy and become a U.S. citizen in his early 20’s. After moving to American to work towards his dreams and goals, his next step towards his overall American Dream was to become a business owner. While working with a FranChoice consultant, Franco was able to find the perfect senior care franchise for him and his family. Franco has spent many years in the restaurant and hospitality business as well as the real estate industry which will give him a great head start in his new business ownership adventure. This senior care franchise is known for extensive sales and marketing training and is sure to help Franco make a difference in his local community.

If owning a business is a part of your big picture dream life – start making it happen today. FranChoice can help you weed through the many options, figure out what aspects are most important to you and help you find just the right one.

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