A Change of Pace

Have you ever wondered if your job really matters? Do you get through your work week and think about how the world would operate if you hadn’t gone to work that week? Those are questions that have haunted corporate America employees for decades…does it all really matter?

Edward T., of Houston,TX, spent many days pondering those questions. He was eager to serve his community and make a difference doing it. Once he was laid off from a big oil company that made him feel like just a number…he finally had his opportunity.

While on the hunt for just the right business opportunity for him and his family, Edward worked with a FranChoice consultant, who helped Edward weed through the many franchise opportunities available to him. Their search lead him to a recession-resistant franchise available at a modest investment – a cleaning franchise in the property recovery service industry. This franchise will offer Edward years of experience and a business model that will make him a huge success while helping him support his family and lifestyle.

If your daydreaming has turned to the “what if” questions about your career – don’t wait for a pink slip…take charge of your life and career today! Get in touch with FranChoice here and we can help you make the perfect decision on the best franchise opportunity for you.

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