The Ideal Job Description

What’s on your ideal job description?
Is it strict hours, being micro-managed, wearing a suit every day, long hours and low pay?

Gary B., of Greenville, SC, had a different idea of the ideal job description. He was ready to leave his career in the food service industry and move onto a new venture that would allow him freedom, flexibility and security.

While working with a FranChoice consultant, Gary found the perfect franchise business for him – a staffing franchise. His consultant worked with him to fully understand his experience and desires for a business while communicating with the franchisor to make the perfect match between them. This staffing franchise was an obvious choice to Gary because of their integrity, professionalism and high level service – which were all great values to him. Gary is anxious to finish up his training and open the doors to his new business and future.

If you’re ready to leave a job that leaves you stressed out, over-worked and under paid…call FranChoice. Our experienced consultants are ready to help you into your dream job.

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