Turning the Page

Looking for something new s a part of human nature. Whether it’s a different way to diet, an exciting trip to jazz up your summer, a fresh blouse or a new choice of scenery…it’s normal for each of us to want something different from time to time to shake things up. It’s no surprise that the American Dream of owning a business causes the same reaction in business men and women every day. While sitting at their desk in corporate American, they’re wishing they had a new opportunity to work on each day…

Roy B., of Edina, MN, was one of those people. He was looking for a new and exciting venture to dive into and allow to him to put his career in corporate America behind him.

While researching and looking for the right franchise opportunity to call his own he enlisted the assistance of a FranChoice franchise consultant. The consultant helped Roy with his search by understanding his strengths, desires and overall needs for his new business. After matching Roy with a few options, Roy and his franchising consultant worked together to settle on the best option for him – a custom framing franchise. This retail franchise business will allow him the freedom and flexibility that he has been wanting while giving him a successful template for his own business.

If you’re ready to find a new path and turn the page in your career – contact FranChoice about finding the perfect franchise opportunity for you.

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