A Fresh Path

Have you ever sat next to that guy on the plane that can’t stop gushing about his job? He goes on and on talking about how he can’t wait to get to work every morning and how much he just loves it all. Well, good for him, right? But certainly not everyone feels that way. Corporate America breeds employees who can easily get bored, disengaged and ready to move on.

Joseph T., of Reading, PA, knows exactly what it’s like to get bored and want something new.

Joseph was an experienced business owner who was ready for a new venture to dive into. While searching for the right franchise to start anew with, Joseph worked with a FranChoice consultant. His consultant assisted him in not only overcoming his fears of a new business, but also in finding the perfect scalable business in great demand. This pet franchise is a home based business that will allow Joseph and his wife to leverage their love for animals while having the flexibility of a mobile franchise. Joseph’s franchise consultant helped him and his wife stay on track and keep focused on the task at hand and now they are ready to take their future into their own hands.

If today is the day that you are ready to step out of the boring rut you are in and into a brand new, exciting career – start with FranChoice. Our expert franchise consultants will guide you on the right path to the perfect career for you.

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