Breaking Down the Wall

Many Americans drag themselves to work every morning and back home every night wishing they were doing something they could truly be proud of. It’s human nature to want to feel like we’re doing something productive, changing the world or at the very least – feeling valuable. Unfortunately, not all job environments offer those sort of intrinsic rewards and leave those with an entrepreneurial spirit wanting more. Franchising is a perfect outlet for those who dream bigger and want more for their life. Owning your own franchise means being your own boss but without making all of the mistakes that a new business owner might normally make. Franchising systems are set for franchisees to follow, succeed and still be the captain of their own ship.

Paul D., of Brentwood, TN knows the pride that comes with finally taking charge.

Paul was ready for a new beginning after spending 14 years as a senior vice president in the newspaper industry. As a husband, father of six and self-starter, Paul was looking for a business that he could be proud of. While searching for the perfect franchise opportunity, Paul worked with a FranChoice consultant who assisted him through the investigation process and helped him find a cleaning franchise in the property services industry. Paul’s great interpersonal skills and management experience will serve him well in this franchise business. He is excited about the future that awaits him with this experienced, professional and ethical business on his side.

If you’re looking to finally get out of your dead-end job and move on to bigger and better things on your own terms, contact FranChoice for assistance in finding the right franchise for you.

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