A New Role

Routine. It’s the comfort of knowing what you will do, when you’ll do it and how you’ll accomplish it. It’s the safety blanket that lets you know that nothing abnormal is happening – that everything is as it should be. Routine is something that many people live every day with – and will never stray from. But living the life you have versus the life you want makes all the difference when it comes to your routine. Are you someone who secretly wishes to break the mold of your routine and do something new?

John S., of Stillwater, MN, was just that type. He was ready to make a change in his life – for the better.

John’s daily routine was getting old and he was ready for a new role in his real-life movie. He was ready to do something new. With his great leadership skills, work ethic and self-confidence, he went out to find the perfect franchise opportunity for him and his wife to become business owners with. While working with a FranChoice consultant, John and his wife found a strong painting franchise to make their own. After hearing how happy the franchise’s current franchisees were as well as seeing how they fit into the family of owners, John knew that this was a system that they could succeed in. John and his wife have finished up training and are ready to hit the ground running with their new business and life.

If you’re sick of your routine and are finally ready to take on a new role – get in touch with FranChoice. Our industry-expert franchise consultants are ready to help you find just the right franchise for you. And don’t forget – our service is completely FREE to you! We offer a fun, thorough and non-obligatory consultation to get you on the right track.

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