A New Home

Feeling out of place is an emotion that everyone feels at some point in life. Whether you’re on a date with the wrong person, in a crowd full of people in an unknown area or just uneasy about the life you’re living it’s an uncomfortable feeling that makes you feel like the answer is a million miles away. Sometimes just a change of scenery is all you need, but other times it’s a life-changing decision that needs to be made to make you feel at home. Maybe your job just doesn’t make you feel the same way it used to anymore – you feel unsettled, not valued and upset at yourself for staying as long as you have.

William M., of Hendersonville, NC, knows exactly how that feels.

William was ready to finally take his dream of business ownership into his own hands and was serious about looking for a franchise opportunity that would suit his skill set and make use of his large network of contacts that he had established over the years in his role as a financial advisor. While searching for just the right fit in a franchise business, William enlisted the help of a FranChoice consultant who worked with William through the research and due diligence process in order to help him find a promising opportunity. Together, they found a shipping franchise that fits the bill for William. This franchise opportunity will offer him the backing of an experienced company, complete training and support as well as the freedom of being his own boss.

If you’re ready to find your new home as a franchise owner, contact FranChoice and let us help you find the right concept for your dreams.

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