Promises Kept

“Promises are meant for breaking.”
This popular phrase is a convtroversial one and something that brings out the best or worst in a person. Making a promise is a commitment to follow through on something – and of all the promises to make…a promise to yourself is one that certainly shouldn’t be broken.

Robert G., of North Central, IL, knows exactly how important it is to make good on that promise to yourself.

Robert had always thought about running his own business and being the man in charge – but it wasn’t until recently when he was laid off that he finally decided to make good on that promise to himself. While searching for just the right match, Robert worked with a FranChoice consultant who quickly identified a few key characteristics in him that made it clear which franchise would be best for Robert – a handyman franchise. This handyman business will make good use of Robert’s past experience in managing technicians along with his ability to communicate and build relationships. With his wife and family supporting him 100% and his desire to learn, Robert is on the fast track to success.

If you’re ready to make good on a promise you’ve made to yourself time and time again about being your own boss – get a hold of FranChoice. We’re ready to help you find the perfect opportunity for you.

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