A Different Tune

A comfortable routine is not an easy thing to break and change in one’s life. Although it might be something you’ve been thinking about for awhile, making the committment to change is usually an uncomfortable thing. While change can be good and welcomed in the long run – the act of decision making isn’t always simple.

Stephan S., of Homewood, IL, knows just what it takes to make that decsion.

He wanted to leave his position in trading operations and sales and management in order to put his skills and experience towards a franchise business that would make a difference in his local area. While looking for right franchise for his lifestyle, Stephan worked with a FranChoice consultant. His consultant knew quickly after meeting Stephan and learning about his personal and business goals that this property damage restoration company was the right one for him. With Stephan’s business management strengths and networking skills – alongside his belief that an owner must do whatever it takes to get the job down – will help him be a success in this franchise business.

If you’re ready to make the decision to do something different – get in contact with FranChoice. Our experience and knowledgable consultants can help you land in the perfect business opportunity for you.

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