Taking the Lead

Running reports, making lists of things to do, staying late to finish up that one more task, going to yet another meeting. Running the race of being a hard-working employee can be a long and strenuous one. It’s a day-to-day life of watching your back, getting it all done and making sure that so-and-so is happy with your progress. But what if you were the one leading the charge? You could be the one in the big office, calling the shots and taking the lead…as the big man on campus. Business ownership and owning your own franchise can make you stop running the race and instead, be the one firing the race gun.

Joe A., of Riverside, IL, knows exactly what it’s like to put enough of his time and efforts into corporate America.

Joe was looking for a franchise opportunity that would allow him to be the one in charge of his career and future. While working with a FranChoice consultant, Joe learned the kind of business model he was looking for and found the perfect franchise for his abilities and skills – a senior care franchise. Joe’s successful background in sales along with his wife’s history as a financial analyst will be more than suitable for this home care franchise business. This down-to-earth couple will be a great addition to their community as owners of this valuable franchise.

Have you had enough of working for someone else’s time and pocketbook? Contact FranChoice today to start down the path of business ownership in a franchise opportunity that’s just right for you. Our expert consultants will guide you through the process and help you find the perfect ending to your dream.

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