Living to Work

Do you ever feel like some days you are just working to live instead of living to work? Jobs that make you feel valued, important and like you’re doing what you love are few and far between and the daily grind can surley wear on you if you’re working for someone else’s pocketbook instead of your own.

DeNita M., of Grayson, GA, can relate. She was seeking to own her own business while being able to enjoy her family as much as possible.

While doing her franchise research in order to find the best franchise to help her love her career, DeNita worked with a FranChoice consultant who coached DeNita through the process of finding the perfect franchise opportunity for her. DeNita found a children franchise that will allow her to use her communication skills as well as make a difference in her community. DeNita personally knows the benefits that this childcare franchise can bring to families like her own. She is excited about offering the same kind of support and services to others. Her strong consultative selling and relationship building skills will greatly aid in her building up the business for years to come.

If you are ready to work for yourself and do what you love instead of The Man, contact FranChoice today to start your free franchise consultation process.

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