Taking the Reins

 Have you ever been in the backseat of a car driven by someone who you didn’t know – someone who you had no grounds for trust or faith in? It can be a scary ride while you hope they know the rules of driving, that they follow through and are able to keep you safe in their hands. Being an employee can often feel the same way – not sure how things are going to move forward and if you’re going to be safe as the “vehicle” continues.

Jeffrey J., of St. Petersburg, FL know s the feeling all too well.

Jeffrey became completely focused on business ownership after his regional wireless communication office was shut down. He had years of experience in operations, sales management and much more that he was ready to use to catapult himself into another career with – a career for himself. While looking for the right franchise opportunity for him – Jeffrey worked with FranChoice consultant Rick Bisio. Rick showed Jeffrey the way through the investigation process and after Jeffery thoroughly researched multiple franchises inside and out – he found the perfect painting franchise. This painting business franchise will allow him the flexibility, time and lifestyle that he has always wanted for himself and his family.

If you’re ready to be the driver of your car, contact FranChoice today about finding the right franchise for you and your dreams. We’re here to help you get where you want to be in your career.

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