Driving Your Own Car

Being at the steering wheel is a role like no other. The road lies before you, the pedals submit to your demands and the passengers of the car are at your will. The navigator has the map, but ultimately – the driver is the one in control. Do you ever feel like as an employee, you’re just a passenger in the back seat that will end up wherever the driver decides? Your destination is not your own but the will of someone else’s?

Paul C., of Raleigh, NC, can empathize. He spent the last thirty-five years managing hotels and in operations and training support before realizing that it was time to work for himself and be in charge of his days. And when that clicked in him – he turned to franchising.

As he began his franchise research, he began working with a FranChoice consultant. With the help of his expert franchise advisor, Paul found the ideal window cleaning company to help make his dreams come true. This cleaning franchise has large market potential, a simple business model and a high level of franchise support. After his investigation was complete and he had found out first hand how supportive the corporate office is to their franchisees, Paul knew that it was a franchise system that he could be successful in.

If you’re ready to climb into the driver’s seat and take the wheel of your career – talk to FranChoice. Our industry-experienced consultants will come along side you to help you find the perfect franchise for you. It’s not just about buying a career – it’s about finding the perfect fit for your life. Take control today!

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