A New Chapter

It’s not a rare occasion to hear a friend or co-worker express the repeatitive grind that is their job; Complaining of a schedule that doesn’t give, a boss that doesn’t stop and clients who won’t hang up. Many of these same people also deram regularly of leaving their job and taking up a new hobby, career or lifestyle. Franchising offers a route to all of these dreams being realized. As a franchise owner you can put your current interests and skills to work in a franchise business while making your own schedule, working for your own well-deserved money and enjoying freedom like never before.

George T., of San Diego, CA, was definitely ready to move onto something new, exciting and independent.

George was looking to leave his position in business development and finance for corporate America and move onto bigger and better things. While researching franchise opportunities with a FranChoice consultant and it quickly became apparent to him that a senior care franchise was a good fit and the right choice for him. George’s easy going nature alongside his experience in managing people will be instrument to his success in this senior franchise opportunity. With the consultant’s expert advice and guidance through the process, George got through his research rapidly. He is finishing up his training and is thrilled to be opening the doors to his new business soon.

If you’re tired of the daily grind and ready to finally make good on the promise you’ve made to yourself to be your own boss, contact FranChoice for the expert consultation advice needed to make it all happen.

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