Making It Count

The meaning of life is something that can’t easily be answered. But making sure you’re living for something that makes a difference is something that many of us have succeeded at – or at least hope to some day.

Steve T., of Pleasanton, CA, knew that he didn’t want to settle for the daily grind. He wanted more for his life and legacy.

Seteve is a US Naval Academy grad who spent the last 15 years in the hi-tech world but was ready to move on and achieve something more. While on his search for the franchise that fit him and his desires and needs best, Steve enlisted the help of a FranChoice consultant. His consultant helped Steve figure out his concrete goals and commit to a plan that would aid in him realizing his dream of business ownership Рall with the perfect residential services franchise. With Steve’s military training and experience from the business work, he is sure to be a big success. This scaleable executive model business will give Steve exactly what he was looking for.

While on your quest for balance and a life worthy of your time and energy – make sure you thoroughly research the right franchise opportunities that could help you. FranChoice consultants are industry-experts who know the best match for your characteristics and business opportunities.

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