Leaving a Mark

What are you known for?
Are you the volunteer? The cookie lady? The runner? The go-getter?
Leaving a legacy is something that’s important to many people. Wanting to make sure that they do something important with their life – and get others involved – is a vital part of many people’s lives.

Mary Anne K., of Santa Barbara, CA, definitely wanted to start a legacy of her own. She was looking for a franchise business to start that her family would get involved in and grow with.

While looking for the right industry and franchise opportunity, Mary Anne and Oscar worked with a FranChoice consultant who helped Mary Anne focus on the goal in mind and stay on track during the process in order to prepare her for the right opportunity. After attending Discovery Day at the corporate office – Mary Anne and Oscar decided on a pet franchise. This scaleable pet franchise business will work well for them while utilizing their prior business experience and enthusiasm. The system will meet their needs and the model will set them up for success.

If starting a business that your family can grow with and you can make an impact in your community with is what you’re looking for today – call FranChoice. Our franchsie consultants can offer you the franchise research help that you may be looking for in our search.

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