Changing the Dial

A desire to do something new is something we all encounter throughout life’s stages. Whether it’s a new hair cut, a new home or new career – they all satisfy the need for a new challenge, outlook on life and atmosphere. Switching things up is something we all do from time to time – and more often than not, it’s a conscious decision made by you.

David S., of Whittier, CA, knows exactly what that’s like. He had years of experience when it came to being the boss. But after owning his own vending business for some time, he moved into the transportation industry and started looking to go back to business ownership.

While searching for the right franchise to get back on top with, David worked with a FranChoice consultant who took time to get to know David – his strengths, requirements and desires. Frank and David worked together to research many good franchise opportunities before landing on the perfect one – a tax franchise. This tax preparation franchise appeals to David’s affinity with numbers as well as the corporate structure. David’s experienced business sense and experience will serve him well in this new venture.

If you’re ready to switch up your day-to-day routine by owning a franchise business… get in touch with FranChoice. We’re here to help you through the transition and make sure you land in the perfect spot.

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