Following Your Gut

It’s a fact of life – life throws curveballs at us on a daily basis. The dog has to undergo emergency surgery, your car needs new brakes or worse…you get laid off. There’s never a set plan in place that spells out every one of your next moves – it’s time for your instincts to kick in. For many Americans, the dream of business ownership has always been in their soul and when your job is no longer what you wanted it to be – your gut kicks in to remind you of that lifelong goal to be the man on top.

Ariel P., of Beverly Hill, CA, knows what it’s like to respond to his gut’s answer for his life at the right time.

Ariel is a serial entrepreneur who knew just how to find what he was looking for in a franchise business opportunity. While conducting extremely thorough investigations on all of the business models that interested him, he enlisted the assistance of a FranChoice consultant. With the consultant’s assistance, Ariel stayed on the right track and made sure his investigation was on the franchises that fit him best. Ariel got his questions answered, his challenges met and quickly enough found the perfect franchise for him – a painting franchise. After attending this company’s discovery day, he knew it was the one for him and is anxious to get going on this new opportunity.

If your gut decision has finally taken over and you are interested in taking the first step towards business ownership, contact FranChoice to help you on the right path.

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