Jeff Elgin, FranChoiceJeff Elgin
Jeff Elgin is the CEO of FranChoice, Inc. Mr. Elgin has served on the board of directors of two international franchise companies and has done consulting work with a number of franchisors. He is nationally recognized for his expertise in creating and implementing systems to recruit significant numbers of new franchisees for various franchise companies and has done extensive speaking at franchise industry events.

Linda Bremer Menter
Linda is the Vice President of consultant development for FranChoice, Inc. Linda draws on her more than 20 years of franchising experience to manage marketing, public relations and lead generation programs for FranChoice while offering her insights to others through coaching and training consultants, franchisors and top performers within the organization.

Meredith Meyer
Meredith is a project manager at FranChoice, Inc. Meredith has offered her skills to many aspects of FranChoice’s operations including assisting in the selection process for new franchisors, writing, lead generation and search engine optimization.

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