A Different Tune

A comfortable routine is not an easy thing to break and change in one’s life. Although it might be something you’ve been thinking about for awhile, making the committment to change is usually an uncomfortable thing. While change can be good and welcomed in the long run – the act of decision making isn’t always simple.

Stephan S., of Homewood, IL, knows just what it takes to make that decsion.

He wanted to leave his position in trading operations and sales and management in order to put his skills and experience towards a franchise business that would make a difference in his local area. While looking for right franchise for his lifestyle, Stephan worked with a FranChoice consultant. His consultant knew quickly after meeting Stephan and learning about his personal and business goals that this property damage restoration company was the right one for him. With Stephan’s business management strengths and networking skills – alongside his belief that an owner must do whatever it takes to get the job down – will help him be a success in this franchise business.

If you’re ready to make the decision to do something different – get in contact with FranChoice. Our experience and knowledgable consultants can help you land in the perfect business opportunity for you.

Something Different

Switching things up. Changing your path. Mixing the pot.
No matter how you slice it, making a change in your life is something not only worth a cliche – but also a good, strong pat on the back. It’s a good feeling to quit ignoring the nagging “let’s do something different!” feeling in your gut, doesn’t it?

Ken B., of South Glastonbury, CT, couldn’t agree more.

He was ready to completely change his lifestyle from working for a computer technology company to caring for his three children. While searching for the right franchise opportunity to commit to for the next phase of his life, Ken worked with a FranChoice consultant. Ken’s consultant provided excellent support to him throughout the process of discovering franchise opportunities. This senior care franchise will allow Ken to apply his business experience and skills to building a strong franchise network in his home state. He has finished up training and is looking forward to being able to change people’s lives while creating a bright future for him and his family.

If you’re ready to obey the nagging feeling you’ve been ignoring – get in touch with FranChoice. Our expert and experienced franchise consultants have helped many people find the perfect opportunity for them.

Map It Out

Whether you are a shop-o-holic or frugalista, getting what you paid for is something that doesn’t go unnoticed very often. When looking for a franchise business to by, territories are a popular subject – and rightfully so! As a prospective franchisee, knowing how a company’s territory system works is important for numerous reasons.

FranChoice’s Jeff Elgin discusses the subject of franchise territories on Entreprener.com.

Taking the Reins

 Have you ever been in the backseat of a car driven by someone who you didn’t know – someone who you had no grounds for trust or faith in? It can be a scary ride while you hope they know the rules of driving, that they follow through and are able to keep you safe in their hands. Being an employee can often feel the same way – not sure how things are going to move forward and if you’re going to be safe as the “vehicle” continues.

Jeffrey J., of St. Petersburg, FL know s the feeling all too well.

Jeffrey became completely focused on business ownership after his regional wireless communication office was shut down. He had years of experience in operations, sales management and much more that he was ready to use to catapult himself into another career with – a career for himself. While looking for the right franchise opportunity for him – Jeffrey worked with FranChoice consultant Rick Bisio. Rick showed Jeffrey the way through the investigation process and after Jeffery thoroughly researched multiple franchises inside and out – he found the perfect painting franchise. This painting business franchise will allow him the flexibility, time and lifestyle that he has always wanted for himself and his family.

If you’re ready to be the driver of your car, contact FranChoice today about finding the right franchise for you and your dreams. We’re here to help you get where you want to be in your career.

Unshakeable Opportunity

Opening a new business comes with many variables, decisions and details. One of which is making sure that the business is secure enough to withstand any economy or market.

Larry G., of Cleveland, OH, knows those decisions well. He was looking for a solid business-to-business franchise with residual income and the ability to stay solid during a down economy.

After being downsized from the cable company that he worked for, Larry tried his hand at doing contract work for a year before deciding that he needed a more stable business to own for himself. After enlisting the help of a FranChoice consultant, Larry found the perfect franchise for him and his wife to run – a window cleaning franchise. His consultant helped him overcome his fears and anxiety while keeping them focused on his goals. Larry’s love for customer service and enthusiasm for business ownership will take him far in this franchise opportunity. He and his wife have finished training and are very eager to get started.

If you are looking for some help finding the right franchise business that can be a solid rock for your family, contact FranChoice to get going with a franchise consultant.

Friendly’s Bankruptcy



Many things can either stay the same or be altared dramatically in a franchise system when the parent company files for bankruptcy. FranChoice’s CEO, Jeff Elgin, discusses what a bankruptcy means for a system’s franchisees on Entrepreneur.com.

Giving Back

Americans get into business for themselves for many different reasons. Be it independance, lifestyle, their pocketbooks or family – there’s usually a good motivator behind the decision to start a franchise business. Many franchisees enjoy being a business owner in order to be an integral part of their community and have the ability to give back to their neighbors and fellow community members.

William C., of Omaha, NE, and his partner Jim had just that in mind when starting their franchise search.

William and Jim are lifelong friends who were ready to team up again in order to give back to their community. With backgrounds as a senior manager in the transportation industry and  a sheriff’s deputy, this duo was open to numerous franchise opportunities but knew that they wanted a home based opportunity as well as a business where the service was regulated and mandatory. While searching for just the right, William and Jim worked with FranChoice consultant Dick Bissell. Dick took the time to get to know both of the partners and what their personal and business goals are in order to help them find a great match. After discussing their options, these two decided on a kitchen cleaning company that is part of the property recovery services industry.

If you are looking for a business that offers you the ability to give back to your neighborhood and friends, contact FranChoice to get the help needed to find the perfect franchise business.

Living the Dream

Simple truth: Day-dreaming isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.
While staring out of the window and wishing for life to be different is a nice escape from reality from time to time…actually acting on those dreams is a much better alternative.

Dave N., of Surprise, AZ, can tell you. He was looking for a simple business at a modest investment to make his dream of business ownership come true.

After enlisting the help of a FranChoice consultant, Dave realized the benefits of a franchise consultant. His consultant was warm, objective and professional in her working with Dave and his wife. She helped Dave find the perfect painting franchise for him and his lifestyle. Dave’s self-starter attitude and personable approach to customer service will take him far in this business. This painting business offers a home-based franchise with a turnkey model with outstanding support. Dave and his family is looking forward to putting in some hard work to get to the free time and peace of mind that they so desire.

If today’s the day you’re reading to stop dreaming and start doing – call FranChoice. Our franchise consultants can help find you the perfect franchise opportunity to match exactly what you’ve been dreaming of.

A Family Portrait

Owning a family business that children can work and grow into is a business ownership dream that many Americans have. It’s taking the dream of owning your own business to another level – that includes the whole family.

Fred T., of Joppa, MD, and his wife know that dream very well. They were ready to finally act on their long-time goal of working side-by-side and growing a business that they can pass down to their children.

While searching for the perfect fit, Fred worked with a FranChoice consultant who took the time to get to know Fred and his wife and truly understand their experience, desires, skills and goals before helping them decide on a pet franchise. Fred’s past experience as a vice president and senior consultant at a risk management firm will prepare him with many skills and experience for this new endeavor. This pet care franchise will bring Fred and his family the flexibility and time that they have desired to enjoy together.

If you’re on the search for the perfect family business to start together – FranChoice can help! Our experienced franchise consultants know just how to help you find the perfect franchise business for your goals and dreams.

Beware of ‘Song Birds’ When Doing Homework on a Franchise



Speaking to current franchisees of a franchise system during your franchsie research process is imporant and has it’s benefits. FranChoice’s CEO, Jeff Elgin, discusses what to look for and what to look out for on Entrepreneur.com.

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